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About Pretty Sick Official

Whether you suffer from an Invisible Illness yourself or you love someone who does; Pretty Sick Official has been carefully crafted to support each and every one us who gets in the Arena and fights every day to live our best lives and love to the fullest in spite of the so-called 'Invisibility' assigned to our Chronic Illnesses. 


What are the ways you love to be loved when all your spoons are spent? 

How do you do you navigate Holidays and other large group events? 

Are my friends and family Ableist?

Do I have to Disclose my Invisible Illness to a potential employer?

How can I explain The Spoon Theory to people in my life who don’t even know I’m struggling?

How can I respond to Gaslighting and keep my calm in the moment?


These questions are rooted in our identity as Chronic, Invisible Illness Warriors; and as the women who face the world, so bravely, carrying the weight of the What If's and the What Now's everyday, We, The Warriors, finally have the world’s attention. 


For so many decades we have cried out, “SEE ME!” - and finally, the Mainstream is starting to and it's all due to the sweat equity of our foremothers and the hard work of the social agent warrior in each of you.  


So let’s educate them on how to support us, respect us, and start to normalize what it is to live Pretty Sick Official.